Our team

The TEDxHECParis Core team

The TEDxHECParis Core team


Tricia Wilson, Organizer

Livia Daxenberger, Curation

Caroline MacDonald, Curation

Pierre Njeim, Curation

Ninfa Rodríguez, Curation

Theresa Stadler, Curation


Pranay Puranik, Co-organizer

Marie Capdouze, Partnerships/Sponsorship

Viktorija Garanca, Marketing/Communications

Alessandro Oehy, Operations

Liviu Teodorescu, Operations

Michelle Vander Heyden, Operations


Meet the TEDxHECParis Organizers: Tricia Wilson & Pranay Puranik! Hand in hand, this ‘power couple’ are working together from the project’s early beginnings.  

One talent they share in common, is their unique ability to assemble a powerful team of passionate and committed thinkers & doers to help you share the ideas that matter.


Apart from leading the team, Tricia enjoys kayaking, cycling and occasionally painting, even if no one else would recognise these pieces as artwork!


One note: don’t get scared if you meet Pranay performing a head stand – this is what he does apart from jingle-writing, dancing, and helping YOU share & hear the best ideas in our TEDxHECParis event on April 5th!


Victor Guerra is HEC Paris Alumni Engagement leader. His role is to encourage the Alumni of one of the world’s leading business school – HEC Paris – to brave the stage and share how they are giving back to the community. Victor reaches out to HEC Alumni, carefully selecting the best ideas to spark deep discussions and connection among our audience. Apart from his MBA studies and TEDxHECParis, Victor is keen on doing things for the first time, swimming, running and watching interesting TED talks.


Ninfa Rodríguez is our lead in finding speakers with no connection to HEC when she is not playing volleyball. In addition to finding interesting people to join our speaker list, Ninfa helps keep our team in high spirits by sharing her love of coffee and desserts. You will find it difficult, if not impossible, to find a person more helpful & supportive than her. Ninfa is doing a superb job to prepare our speakers for their big day and ensure that you, our audience, have something to remember.


Meet Pierre Njeim - an advocate for healthy scepticism, asking “Why?” more often than an average person. In TEDxHECParis he is leading our engagement with HEC Paris’ most sought after people - our Faculty and Staff. It’s almost impossible not to be swayed by Pierre’s passion and inquisitive mind, so why not to use that energy to woo some of the most innovative minds to share their ideas with the world?!


Viktorija Garanca is leading Marketing & Communications in TEDxHECParis. Working in data-driven marketing, she is looking for a healthy balance between data science and creativity, converting numbers into stories. She joined the team right after she moved to France and has been leading a team of eager volunteers to make sure you are kept up to date with everything happening at TEDxHECParis across all social media platforms and newsletters. We can’t wait see her put her skills to making sure all the ideas shared on the night spread across the globe!


Michelle Vander Heyden is an architect, passionate about practical and thoughtful design.Coming from the US, she joined TEDxHECParis being responsible for Operations. She is doing a tremendous job in creating a pleasant atmosphere on the day, and creating a relaxing and enjoyable visual theme for our set, networking areas, and registration booths for your pleasure on April 5th!


Marie Capdouze is French and used to live in Singapore. She studies Sustainability and Social Innovation at HEC Paris and devotes her free time to tennis and oil painting and unlike Tricia, some of Marie’s works actually do qualify as art! To say that she is responsible for Sponsorship is not enough – she approaches sponsorship in a different way. She sees sponsors as partners, providing them with the opportunity to do something that matters within their own communities. Through collaboration, she helps our partners empower their communities to make the world better through technology, entertainment, design and science.  


Meet Theresa Stadler – our Program Director for the TEDxHECParis team. With her experience from Innovation Consulting, she has a keen eye on the innovative ideas that YOU can’t miss at our event on April 5th! Thanks to Theresa’s support in making sure we bring both new and varied topics to the event, our audience can be assured that they will leave with their minds exploding with new ideas.


Livia Daxenberger – focusing on our Student Relations - is a Master Program student at HEC Paris and a frequent traveller. Joining the TEDxHECParis team is just another adventure for her, as she helps prepare our student speakers she aims to help you experience the best evening of the year. Her thoughtful and clear support ensures everyone on the stage feels confident and has no barriers when delivering their bright ideas to the world.


Meet Liviu Teodorescu – our Technology expert. Coming from the IT and Communications background, Liviu brings his passion into TEDxHECParis team, connecting the dots and bits of information. His commitment to HEC Paris goes well beyond our technology with a mindful eye on the future, Livue approaches each decision to enable future events to leverage the work done this year. Want to get to know Liviu more – arrange a tennis match or invite him to sail! Oh, and we warn you now - palinka is not for the faint of heart!


Alessandro Oehy – responsible for Operations in TEDxHECParis - developed his career in consulting & entrepreneurship, and similarly to Liviu, can’t resist tennis. With the only exception: if Premier League Football is live! While the Curators’ team will take care of your brains to be full, Alessandro will care for your bellies. He will also be one of the first people you will meet at our TEDxHECParis event!